My latest series of etchings is called the Comet Collection in honor of the European Space Agency's Rosetta mission to land Philae onto a moving comet to study what could potentially unlock origins of human life on earth.

I am inspired by this sort of groundbreaking discovery in science. I feel compelled to respond to it in my own way.

I bend and distort space because what we see as solid is more in flux than we would like to think about. We are all hurling through space on a big round rock.

I let my mind expand on the visual potential of a story like that of a few amino acids locked in an iceball flying around in space. The implications are dense and expansive.

Comet Collection currently consists of 7 etchings but this series is still growing and changing.









































































































Don Olsen: Comet Collection: Comet Crasher Edition of 50

Don Olsen: Comet Collection: State of Dirty Rat Artists Proof

Don Olsen: Comet Collection:Pens to Lens Edition of 50

Don Olsen: Comet Collection: State of Coffee Race Artist Proof

Don Olsen: Comet Collection: Comet Crasher Edition of 50

Don Olsen: Comet Collection: Skin Layers Edition of 50




Don Olsen:Three Players Stuck Unique Edition 2014
(Hand colored with Marker)